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Exclusive Lord of Pestilence with great weapon


Lords of Pestilence are terrible foes for their destructive capacity is combined with an innate ability to withstand the blows of their enemies. 
A Lord of Pestilence equipped with shield will further increase its defense from enemy attacks becoming particularly difficult to destroy.

This figure was released on 2014 and was only available for a couple of weeks. If you missed it then, now's your chance to get it for a limited time!

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua


This blister contains one metal Lord of Pestilence equipped with weapon and shield. Contains also a 25mm plastic round base and a 25mm plastic square base.

Avatars of War miniatures are 28mm scale models designed for gamers & collectors. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some trimming and cleaning may be necessary before assembly and painting. Ages 12 and older.