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Sorcerer of Pestilence with familiar


Despite their corrupted and deformed appearance Sorcerers of Pestilence are great masters of the arcane. For years they study; discover and classify new viruses and bacteria that they combine with magic to create their spells of putrefaction to spread plague and pestilence throughout the lands. 
Their eagerness to please the Dark Gods drives many of them to try their spells on themselves becoming deformed and putrid beings both in body and soul.

Sculpted by Sergio Lafuente


This blister contains one metal Sorcerer of Pestilence with three different optional heads and a familiar of Pestilence. Contains also a 25mm plastic round base and a familiar round base, and a 25mm plastic square base.

Avatars of War miniatures are 28mm scale models designed for gamers & collectors. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some trimming and cleaning may be necessary before assembly and painting. Ages 12 and older.