Avatars of War was founded in 2006 by a couple of entrepreneurs from Barcelona, Johanna Acquah and Felix Paniagua, who wanted to get married and design and market the most Iconic line of Fantasy miniatures for Tabletop gamers, Painters and Collectors.


During these 18 years, we have totally enjoyed our married life and also created some of the most iconic old-school heroes & regiments for wargames, becoming one of the industry's most veteran and liked range of miniatures, and having manufactured in metal, resin or plastic, more than one million miniatures!

In 2021 we started offering our miniatures in digital format as well, applying the latest 3D technologies to our creation and manufacturing processes. So old-school miniatures have never been so new! 

Be brutish Orcs, proud Dwarves, wise Elves, courageous Men or evil forces of Chaos, you will have a hard time to find an army or a cabinet somewhere without an Avatars of War miniature in it!






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We are immensely grateful to all of you! Admiring the tremendous creativity that you put on Avatars of War models through superb and unique conversions and paintjobs is without doubt the best part of our job!