Arena Deathmatch 4th ed. e-Core Set (instant download)


The Arena Deathmatch e-Core Set contains all the game components you need to play, in PDF format: the electronic Rulebook, a printable Arena game board, printable Scenery tiles and Templates, and a printable Crowd Deck table.


Please, note that this product contains the PDF files to print the components yourself, you are not buying a physical product, you are buying PDF files.


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The electronic Starter Set contains:

 -1 eRulebook (52 pages, PDF with interactive index and bookmarks, English)
 -1 Crowd Deck table (PDF, English)
 -1 20"x 20" Printable arena
 -Printable scenery tiles (8 different pit traps, PDF)
 -Printable Templates (spray and blast template, PDF)

Avatars of War miniatures are 28mm scale models designed for gamers & collectors. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some trimming and cleaning may be necessary before assembly and painting. Ages 12 and older.