Avatars of War's 3D printable miniatures are designed by seasoned miniature designers, proficient in both digital and traditional sculpting, with over 20 years of expertise.
When creating a digital sculpt, we know what will work and look great once printed on a 30mm scale miniature. This means that once 3D printed, our digital sculpts look and feel like real miniatures: not only will the printed detail faithfully replicate the render, but it also showcases the exceptional definition and boldness that Avatars of War miniatures are renowned for. You'll find each intricate element is clear and easily distinguishable, allowing for precise and satisfying painting. Old-school miniatures have never been so new!

You can print your Avatars of War miniatures at home with your 3D printer, or have them printed for you and delivered right to your door!

  • If you want to print your miniatures at home, Avatars of War digital files for your 3D printer are available at our MyMiniFactory shop 

  • If you want to have the miniatures printed for you, you can order physical 3D prints of the highest quality from our OnlyGames shop  or from one of our licensed 3D printers

3D Printable miniatures

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