The Arena Deathmatch Core Set contains all the game components you need to play: rulebook, 36 Crowd Cards, 50 premium card sleeves for your champion Game Cards, a folding arena board, cut-out scenery elements, templates, rulers and dice.
You can get the Core Set in our online shop.




At AoW we create the miniatures to represent the Avatars of War, Beasts, and Supporters. You can buy AoW miniatures in many hobby stores or in our online shop. If you own a 3D printer you can also print the fantastic miniatures from our digital range.
If you already own miniatures that you'd like to convert into champions of the arena, thanks to the large number of customization options that Arena Deathmatch offers, you will be able to create a Game Card to match any miniature in your collection, faithfully representing its weapons, armor and even with its personal portrait and name on the Game Card.




Arena Lvdvs is the official app for Arena Deathmatch: a 100% free app designed to customize your champions and create their unique Game Cards.
Once ready for the action, you can chose to print the Game Cards and play in classic pen & paper style, or even play directly on your tablet or smartphone with the Battle App and the Inetractive Cards of your champions!




The duration of a game is established in advance, thus adapting to the available time, even if limited. Once the time limit is reached, Victory Points awarded by the audience in the stands will determine the winner of the game. Between one and two hours is the perfect time to fully enjoy a game of Arena Deathmatch.

On our Facebook page, you can see where and when upcoming Arena Deathmatch events will take place. These events are the ideal place to learn to play, and to meet and challenge other Arena Deathmatch lanistas.